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Anytime, Anywhere for K-12 students

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About us

Learning Mantraa is India’s fastest-growing Elearning For Kids initiative in the field of personalized School Learning Content.

It was founded in the year 2011 with an aim to provide focused and engaging content predominantly for students of the Indian school boards and hence proved itself to be the best educational app.. It is also one of the very few companies that started with an aim to reach to the last student at far end of the row with the philosophy of “NCERT solution & Personalised content, anytime, anywhere “by implementing content at the local sites in remote places with no access to the internet.

Today, the entire content is HD enabled for 4K experience. Also, the content is available for all the grades starting from Grade-1-12 for all the subjects in Dual language (English & Hindi)

Today, in light of the new world order, Learning Mantraa is sensitive about the safety of children.


To enable a 100% safe study environment, Learning Mantraa has launched a full-feature MOBILE EDUCATIONAL APP for a personalized experience in learning, improved comprehension and recall value containing best educational videos. The mobile content is being accessed and students are learning better from the remotest of the places, conveniently and safely.

Why Us

Why Choose us?

Students today are using educational videos as a tool for learning everything and so many IT companies have launched educational apps or platforms in India for students. It is a fresh way to experience digital learning, anytime anywhere, at an affordable price. With a minimalistic teaching approach, along with superior quality animated content. 


Comprehensive NCERT/CBSE mapped video lessons


Real-life graphical illustrations for clear & easy understanding


Easy navigation to all subtopics


Option to choose medium of learning between English & Hindi


Over 1 Lac practice questions

How It Works

Students Said!

Mother And Daughter smiling while gazing in ipad and learning online
Women learning online showing education and digital technology concept

"The best app i've ever used for my academics. It helps me to clear my doubts n concepts, best video lessons, i could rate it more than 5 star.. Best part is that i got 7 days trial to check"


STEM+ Subjects

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Mathematics | Science | History | Civics | Geography 
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Mathematics | Physics | Chemistry | Biology
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Science | Commerce | Humanities

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New kings and kingdoms fighting and other history topics available.

2D/3D Content

11_Sections of a cone

11_Sections of a cone
11_Sections of a cone

11_Sections of a cone

Play Video
5. Moon

5. Moon

Play Video
07_Satellites (Or Moons)

07_Satellites (Or Moons)

Play Video
7_Mode of Nutrition

7_Mode of Nutrition

Play Video

How it Works ?

Studies have shown that the use of the best educational videos and platforms for students allows for more efficient processing and memory recall. The visual and auditory nature of lfx learning appeals to a wide audience and allows each user to process information in a way that’s natural to them.

Students can now connect to a customized experience naturally with the Learning Mantraa Educational app.. It vastly improves topic comprehension and remember value.

It aids in the development of potential and a thorough comprehension of the subject, increased student motivation, improved learning experience, higher grades with real-time evidence of growth via testing, and many other benefits.

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