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Making Kids Aware of Indian Culture and Traditions

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India is a symbol of unity in diversity. When you attend a class or go anywhere around you or even in your home you can see that everybody around you may be your parents, other family members your friends, enemies etc all are different from you some may be tall, some may be small, some may be fat others may be thin and so this difference between people is called diversity…

So Diversity in simple language is the different languages, culture, religion, shape and size of people come together and form a society which is called diversity. To make your kid learn about diversity watch our youtube video on Understanding Diversity

Why is it necessary to teach your child about our culture and traditions?

Our culture and tradition is a part of our surroundings and what we are born into and also defines our identity. Importance of teaching culture and tradition can be summed up in these points:

  • Understanding culture and tradition develops a sense of respect for others.

  • Every culture has something to teach and understanding it inserts crucial values in your kid.

  • Spirit of appreciating and preserving unity develops in your child.

  • Help kids better understand different points of view

Ways To Teach Your Child About Different Cultures

To teach your child about the world and the fascinating people can be a great gift to him. Try these hacks to inculcate cultural and traditional values in your child.

Use your taste buds:

Food makes kids happy in a million ways, try making dishes as per the occasion and festivals. Try making food related to the places they are famous for, and teach your kid while eating the basic reason behind the preparation of that particular food and the place which is famous for the dish.

Make them learn phrases in different languages:

Try using different languages in front of them while greeting people and make them curious about what would be their name in any other language. This will make them know how many people use the language they use in their daily life and how diverse our country is in terms of language that people use in different religions and cultures.

Ask them the reason of getting a holiday:

Kids love when they get a holiday, make them aware about different holidays and the reason behind that holiday, the activities we do on that day, the clothes we wear, the food we eat etc. this will make them aware about the different traditions people perform and the rituals to celebrate any event.

Make them follow customs:

Try making your kid follow the customs which will make them curious about the reason behind the way we perform a particular thing and the pattern of performing certain things. This might be different from one another which will fascinate your child to know different customs and follow them.

Traditional Music:

Try playing music in your home as per the occasion. The kids will notice the way your taste in music changes as per the day and occasion. This will make them memorize the speciality of the day and why it is celebrated.

Try finding countries and regions on map:

Play search the place with your kid and make him find different places on the map, after this you can make the game interesting by asking them the speciality of the place and the things for which the place is famous and their way of living and languages they use.

Try talking about real life superheroes:

Every kid has one or more favourite superheroes whom they admire the most. Try explaining to your kid about real life superheroes. Tell them about their achievements and the things they fought for, this will make them learn about our history as well.


Above mentioned ways are provided by Learning Mantraa India's largest learning platform, these are just a few of the ways your child will learn about diverse cultures while having fun. We hope you found something that will inspire you and your kid.

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