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How Can You Motivate Your Child To Learn?

Making your child sit and learn is a pretty hard thing to do. Almost every child finds learning boring and they say they have no interest in it. It is also very common to hear a child say that they don't want to waste their time on learning, they can use their free time to do something better.

Parents struggle a lot to make their child learn. Although making a child interested in learning is hard, it is not impossible. There are many ways through which parents can motivate their child to learn in a positive way.

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Ways To Make Your Child Learn

Not every child is born a good learner, it takes time for some kids to adapt things. If parents use the right ways, such as the best learning app in India, your child can be a very good learner.

Here are some of the proven tips and strategies that will motivate your child to learn. Apply them correctly in their life and you will see the positive results….

Start by giving them a reward : Small rewards are a great way to make your child learn. You can ask them to learn something and offer them a reward afterwards. You can give them candies, take them out to their favourite places, give them a little play break, etc.

Create an atmosphere of reading : Reading is very important, beneficial and a very good habit for kids. A child who is interested in reading books, will eventually be interested in learning. So, you need to create an environment that encourages your child to read more. Read in front of your child, tell them how good you feel while reading and how important it is.

Make learning fun : Kids like everything that is fun, if you can make learning fun for them through any way, it will help them to learn more. You can use examples such as fruits and vegetables while teaching them calculations or using funny pronunciations while making them learn English.

Provide children options : Providing options can be a good way to make your child more interested towards learning. Let them choose which subject, chapter or topic they want to study. Let them create small tasks for themselves, it will provide them the goal which they need to achieve.

Educational App: Kids find online stuff more interesting than books. So, educational apps are a great way to make your child learn. There are many educational apps that provide complete School learning content for kids from 1st to 12th grade, Learning Mantraa is one of the best of them.

Share with them your experiences : Childrens learn very easily from their parents, listening to them, looking at them, what they do, how they do. So, share your experiences from your childhood, how you used to learn, how your parents used to teach you, how fun it was and how important and beneficial it was for them.

Make them learn everyday : It might seem like a little too much to make your child learn everyday, but it will help you a lot. You don't have to make them sit and learn for 1-2 hours daily but some days 15 mins, someday half an hour, this will help to create a habit in your child. Instead of studying, some days you can play games with them, that will make them learn something useful.

Provide a good environment : Your child will be able to concentrate more on learning in a good environment. Give them necessary snacks and fruits, be on your good behavior with them always, teach them with a good and positive energy, these things are necessary for a good concentration.

Performance Evaluating : Evaluating your child’s performance is a great way to understand your child’s interest and his thoughts. You can make your child take daily tests and measure their performance. There are Educational apps which allow performance evaluations based on child’s tests, one of them is Learning Mantraa.

These are the small things that will help you encourage your child to learn. They will have a positive mindset with these positive ways and will be able to concentrate more and hence learn more.


Make them learn things slowly, don’t force things on them, it will create a negative impact on them. Teaching things in a fun way, providing a good environment, sharing personal experiences, all this will help them to learn everything with a positive and happy mind.

If you find this helpful and want to learn more things that will help your child in learning and concentrating, you have Learning Mantraa.

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