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How To Utilize Your Child's Free Time?

There were frequent searches for stay at home kids activities or free time activities for kids and so we understood making your kid concentrate on studying is very hard but keeping them away from mobile phones while they are free is the hardest work to do. Every kid is different and thus handling them in the right manner is of utmost importance at their young age.

Have you ever wondered why your kid likes watching cartoons or playing online games and not interested in educational videos? It's because these things create a sense of excitement and put forward a challenge or curiosity in your child’s mind. Here we are presenting you ways which will help you replace their digital useless stuff with something more productive.

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List Of 10 productive activities for your kid to utilize their free time? Keep reading..

Here is a list of top 10 activities for kids which will keep them engaged that too away from cell phones.

  • Best With Waste:

Try making your kid create things from the waste materials in your house. Let them do this on their own, this will make them think about the best possible way to utilize the resources they have and improve their creative side as well.

  • Sketching your thoughts:

Kids are the purest souls and have great imagination and it's beautiful to see those imaginations on paper. Let your kids draw their thoughts, this will make them think positively and make you understand what goes on in those tiny minds.

  • Writing letters to cousins:

People use mobile phones to contact each other but kids are somewhere shy in doing this when it comes to cousins. Try a traditional way to make your kid connect with their cousins. Ask your kid to write letters which will help them improve their writing and communication and their social life as well.

  • Making handmade cards and gifts:

There are occasions on which you can ask your kids to make cards and handmade gifts. These handmade items are more close to heart and give a different level of joy both to the maker and to the receiver.

  • Cooking:

Try making your kid cook pancakes or some of their favorite dishes on their own. This will make them love cooking and improve their skills. Their time will also be utilized and you will get a helping hand.

  • Playing Scrabble:

Scrabble is a very productive game as your kid can play this and learn new words. Play with them and make them improve their vocab with this. This is something which will be helpful to you as well.

  • Gardening

Planting trees is something which will interest your kid as when they sow something and watch them reap they will have a new sense of responsibility to take care of their plants and will develop a feeling of love towards nature.

  • Yoga:

Yoga is a practice which if you ask your kid to perform for at least 10 minutes it will make them feel fresh and start their day with a sense of calmness and positive thoughts. This will also make their body healthy and disease free.

  • Working on talent:

Your kid might be good at dancing, singing or any other activity. Ask your kid to practice his talent and improve it day by day. As he is interested in it, practice will make him more perfect at it.

  • Game to clean:

Try playing games with your kids like giving them a target which involves time boundation to clean their room and keep something for the reward if they complete the task in time. This will teach them time management and keep their room clean too.

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