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How To Monitor Your Child’s Growth?

A Child is the most important and beautiful responsibility in a parent’s life and if you are looking for ways to monitor the growth of your child you are at the right place. Keep reading..

Here we will concentrate on your child’s academic performance. And if you are looking for an educational app containing the best educational videos for students, download Learning Mantraa.

There are different ways to monitor your child’s academic performance and some of these are:

Educational Apps:

First I would like to introduce the best learning app in India: Learning Mantraa containing NCERT content in the form of educational videos for grade 1 to 12 in both English and Hindi.

Parents feel that technology is adversely affecting their kids and they try to keep their kid away from gadgets. But in present conditions and the effects of covid has resulted in an increase in educational apps which are built with features that specialize in maintaining a proper record of child’s overall performance and growth.

These apps contain videos which are formed with expertise and knowledge to make your kid attracted towards them and make them learn and understand the content in a very simple way.

Connect With The Teacher:

Parents in their busy schedule try leaving the kids on their own but that's not the correct way. You must have a proper record of your kid’s daily life like the subject they are taught, the teachers who teach those subjects and the syllabus they are teaching. Parents must keep a close contact with the teachers of their kid to know the performance of their kid at school and whether they are facing any issue with the kid.

Get Involved With Your Kid:

Try getting involved with your kid and his/her activities. You have to find time for your kid and know the games they are playing or the movies they are watching, you should be well aware of the activities they do in their free time and you can divert their mind towards productive things.

Inspect The Results:

You have to maintain a proper record of the results of your kid so as to understand the growth and the strengths and weaknesses of your child. By doing this you will be able to work on the area where your kid needs improvement and you will also understand whether the way of learning is actually bringing any impact on the growth of the child.

Not just the academic growth but social growth of a child is also an important aspect to take care of.

What are the ways to monitor your child’s social Growth?

  1. Monitor the assignments: Your child might get a list of assignments from their school. Try communicating with your child on the ideas they will use to make their assignment a creative one which will stand ahead of the crowd.

  1. Social Gatherings: Try taking your kids to social gatherings and make them talk to people so as to understand the public behavior of your kid.

  1. Group Discussions: Initiate group discussion with your kid to understand the thinking power and the way his thoughts change in the growing age.

Why is it important to monitor growth?

  1. To see the problem your child is facing in his day to day life and solve them.

  2. To know the strengths and weaknesses of your child.

  3. To motivate your child to grow in a better manner.

  4. To constantly stay connected with your child.

  5. To make your child feel secure that you take care of him/her.


Monitoring the growth of your child is a very important aspect as it will make you aware of the performance of your child. Your child must feel that you are around them and that they are well protected. Don't overdo things to make your kid feel like a cage since it will make them hide things from you. Give your child his/her space at the same time try ways to keep in touch with your kid and their day to day activities.

As we already mentioned, the best E-learning app to monitor your child’s academic performance is Learning Mantraa. The app contains overall performance parameters to test your child’s growth. Learning Mantraa is India’s fastest growing EdTech initiative and one of the best apps for online classes in India providing personalized School Learning Content and forms a part of the list of top 10 educational apps in India.

The entire educational videos are HD enabled for 4K experience. Also, Learning Mantraa is the best app for online classes since the content is available for all the grades starting from grade I up till grade XII for all the subjects. Not only this, the content is also available in Hindi for the benefit of non-users of the English language giving the excellent experience of personalized learning.

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