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How To Build Moral Values In Your Child?

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Ever wondered why Moral Values are important and what is the need to build them in your child? Parents play a major role in teaching their child about Moral Value and making them adapt those values.

But what exactly are Moral Values? Keep reading to know:

What are Moral Values?

Moral Values are the standards or quality which helps us in deciding between right and wrong or good and bad.

Basically, moral values are personality traits that guide us to make judgments and decisions based on what we think is right or wrong. Personality traits such as a person’s behaviour or the way a person talks.

Moral values differ from person to person because of our different perspectives and judgement. That is why we have different reactions to different kinds of situations and you can’t teach this to your child through any books or NCERT solutions.

Why is it important to teach your child about Moral Values?

Teaching your child about Moral Values is like teaching them about life.

Here are a few points which prove the importance of Moral Values in a child’s life:

  • Important for a child’s growth and evolution.

  • Help in building a child’s good character.

  • Help your child with a pleasant personality.

  • Help them to differentiate between good and bad.

  • Help them to boost self-confidence

How can Parents help their child to learn Moral Values?

Parents play a very crucial role in guiding and supporting their child because the values we have as an adult were implanted in us when we were kids. That is why it is very essential to teach them values in their childhood.

Some of the ways parents can use to teach them:

  • Reward them on their good behaviour

  • Share moral experiences with them

  • Help them practice their learning

  • Be their role model

  • Communicate in a way they will understand

What are the Values a child must learn?

Let us look at some the important Moral values that a child must learn:

  • Gratitude: Teach your child to be appreciative

  • Honesty: Teach them the importance of honesty

  • Empathy: Teach them to have empathy towards others

  • Respect: Teach them to respect every person irrespective of their age,caste,etc

  • Equality: Teach them to treat every human fairly and equally


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