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How To Improve Your Child’s Concentration?

Concentration in Kids? This might sound like a very hard thing to do. And why not, the energy level and stamina childrens’ have in their age is unmatchable. It becomes very hard for parents to make their child sit and concentrate on their studies.

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Concentration plays a very important role in everyone’s life, especially for growing kids. Focus and concentration can bring the best out of your child, they can be more creative, communicative and can develop great confidence.

The mind of a child works differently from that of adults, so it becomes difficult for parents to understand them and help them to focus. Best free learning apps in India play a very important role in this as they contain educational videos for students which grab the attention of kids through amazing tactics.

But we are here to help you with ways through which you can make your kid concentrate.

Ways to improve your child’s concentration

  • Relaxation : Relaxation has a direct link with concentration. Taking a good sleep can help your kid in building their focus. A child is able to concentrate well when he is in a good mood, and without sleep that cannot happen. Parents should make a bedtime routine for kids, so that kids can be habitual to that. Let them have a power nap in the afternoon if they want, it can help your child to reduce stress and provide amazing results.

  • Nutrition : Have you ever heard, good food, good life? Yes, this is exactly what it is, a growing body needs proper nutrition. Poor nutrition has always been a big reason for kids' loss of concentration. A diet, high in sugar and unhealthy fats, can affect the concentration skills of children. Make a proper healthy diet for your child to boost his concentration level and keep your child hydrated, because dehydration can affect brain power. Some of the nutrition rich foods which help in concentration are: eggs, Greek Yogurt, spinach, nuts, seeds, apples and plums, etc.

  • Brain-storming games : Instead of letting your kids play with electronic devices, you can let them play games which require problem-solving, analytical skills, and critical thinking that will help in addressing your child's concentration problems. There are many brain games available, such as chess, memory game, Jigsaw puzzle, crossword puzzle, etc. These games will help your kid to develop their mind and eventually their concentration power will increase.

  • Emotions : We adults get driven by our emotions, it is the same with kids, their emotions can help them to either build a good concentration level or to lower it. Parents need to make sure their kids are okay, they can be worried about anything, school teacher, homework, any student, you need to talk to them, listen to them and try to understand them, their worries are stopping them from concentrating.


Parents need to make proper efforts to improve their child’s concentration level, allow them to have a good sleep, make a proper diet for them, talk to them and utilize their free time with good mind games.

Download educational apps which contain regular tests to analyze their performance and to make them concentrate more on their studies. The best educational app counted among the best learning apps for kids: Learning Mantraa, contains performance analysis tests. Learning Mantraa is India’s fastest growing EdTech initiative and one of the best apps for online classes in India providing personalized School Learning Content.

The entire educational videos for kids are HD enabled for 4K experience. Also, Learning Mantraa is the best app for online classes since the content is available for all the grades starting from grade I up till grade XII for all the subjects. Not only this, the content is also available in Hindi for the benefit of non-users of the English language giving the excellent experience of personalized learning.

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