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Learning Mantraa: Best Educational App in 2021

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

The Origin of Learning Mantraa


Learning Mantraa was founded in the year 2011 with an aim to provide focused and engaging content predominantly for students of the Indian subcontinent by providing Best educational videos. It started as one of the very few companies that aim to reach the last student standing at the far end of the education ecosystem.

And the way to achieve this was with the philosophy of “Personalised Content, Anytime, Anywhere” which is called Elearning for kids. This is accomplished by developing and implementing the content at the local sites in remote places even in those areas that had no internet access.

At first, the idea was to provide educators with a minimalistic teacher teaching approach with unmatched graphic and content quality. In the next few years, the company went ahead with the strategy to fine-tune the product to the needs of the actual user, “the student”. For this, the content was re-designed for “Student-centricity” specifications.

Ever since, Learning Mantraa has enjoyed the honor and privilege to be in the limelight for various achieving accolades and milestones. In the year 2013, Learning Mantraa had the honor of being nominated for the best K12 classroom content company category by the “World Education Conference 2013”, New Delhi. It was also the youngest company to have achieved this status. It is also the first company to provide the entire K12 content in digital bilingual format (Dual Language Video format in Hindi and English). Another feather in the cap had been the association for Smart Class initiative funded by INTEL.

What makes Learning Mantraa different?

Anywhere Anytime Learning

Today, in light of the new world order, Learning Mantraa is sensitive about the safety of the learning environment of the children. It’s the need of the hour to provide children with a safe environment on one hand, and uninterrupted learning opportunities on the other.

Personalized Mobile App

To enable a 100% safe study environment, Learning Mantraa App has launched a mobile app for a personalized experience in learning, improved comprehension, and content recall value. This mobile content can be accessed by the students even in the remotest of the places, conveniently and in the safety of their homes.

Superior Animated K12 Concept Videos

The teaching approach, along with superior quality animated content impresses a deep impact on the student's learning. In fact, Learning Mantraa is highly revered to have one of the largest collections of fully visualized videos, developed ever. These lessons are vibrant and lively enough to capture the inquisitive minds of the learners.

Intuitive Navigation

Supplementing this, the app has an extremely intuitive user-friendly interface. It provides the user with simple and easy navigation to all the content topics and sub-topics.

NCERT mapped

The content is mapped to NCERT. Hence, if there is a topic that one is looking for, the chances are that you will not be disappointed. With well over 15000+ topics in the package, they have one of the most comprehensive topic videos for their students. Content includes topics for Primary (Class 1-5), Secondary (Class 5-8), and Senior Secondary (Class 9-12) with EVS, Science, Mathematics, English, History, Civics, Geography, Political Science, Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, Statistics, English Grammar and Hindi Vyakaran.

Learning based on performance

No learning is complete without learning evaluation. Hence, every topic and module is linked with an assessment. Using the assessment tab, individual video modules can be assessed. These tests are timed MCQs and hence the learner is motivated to be actively involved in the assessment. This also helps the learner to baseline their knowledge.

Bilingual Interface

For the first time, this K-12 is available in English and Hindi. The Learning Mantraa app provides the learner with two language options. Since English and Hindi language is the most common mode of instruction, the app is truly relevant in most parts of the country.

Two-Grade Option

Learning Mantraa is sensitive towards families, parents and of course, the monies spent towards expensive K12 content subscriptions. Most Indian families come with two children attending school. Learning Mantraa offers subscriptions to two grades at the price of one providing a great support for the parents.

NCERT Solutions & Study Material

Along with the video content and topic assessments, Learning Mantraa provides NCERT solutions to assist the students in their learning. These are comprehensive notes that can be used to improve their academic performance. Along with this, the additional study material is provided for better comprehension of the topic.

What's more, Learning Mantraa is the only Learning Solution that provides a

7-days full access to all grades (K12) in both English and Hindi Language.

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