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What are the advantages of Online Education for K-12 Students?

The COVID-19 has forced schools all across the world to close. Over 1.2 billion students are out of school worldwide.

As a result, education has undergone significant transformations, with the rise of Elearning for kids, wherein learning is done remotely and via digital platforms.

According to research, online learning improves information retention and takes less time.

In response to rising demand, many online learning platforms, such as Learning Mantraa, the fastest edtech firm in B2B, are providing free access to their services and the best NCERT solutions. The only learning app that includes all NCERT/CBSE courses as well as the unique benefit of dual language with free access.

Today, Students are adapting to the new era transformation of online education. Because of the global pandemic, schools are now giving online education to kids and students are searching for the best educational videos to make their learning more interesting. Teachers that are professionals in Blackboard and classroom teaching are new to digital teaching, but they are adapting and handling it more comfortably to help students in their current situation.

Students are experimenting with new approaches to learn any concepts or topics because teachers are not always present to answer questions. Some students are even attempting to learn in new and interesting ways. They are learning how to obtain information, use the internet, and use educational apps.

Students have the freedom to study whenever they want. Their parents do not nag them to get up and get ready for school in the morning. Teachers and principals do not continually watch their students' activities, thus they are able to complete their assignments alone. Some kids even use textbooks or other sources, such as the internet, to help them understand concepts or topics.

Today, in light of the new world order, few Edtech Companies are sensitive about the safety of their children. To enable a 100% safe study environment, with minimalistic teaching approach, along with superior quality animated content, making a deep impact on student’s comprehension skills.

Recently, a newly launched full feature Mobile app for a personalised experience by Learning Mantraa is helping students to improve comprehension and recall value. The mobile content is being accessed and students are learning better from the remotest of the places, conveniently in the safety of their house and the benefits of online education in today's society are limitless.

The benefits of online education are

  1. Anywhere, Anytime Learning

  2. Self-paced Learning

  3. Comfortable

  4. Flexibility

  5. Most Affordable

  6. Curriculum Mapped

  7. Easily Accessible Course Material

  8. Learning in Local Language

  9. Saves Travel Time and Cost

  10. Self-Motivation

  11. Ability to pursue a hobby or interest

  12. Better Critical-Thinking Skills

  13. Realtime Performance Report

It has been considered a boon for the education sector. It has helped students learn efficiently by gaining resources and attending lectures online. It is deemed cheaper and reliable as students can learn and practice independently without pressure and stiff competition like in real classrooms.