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Which App Provides The Best Educational Videos?

Educational Content videos are a versatile asset that may be applied to a range of fields. It has now become an integral feature of the School Learning Ecosystem.

It's no wonder that numerous content companies offer K-12 applications that allow for continuous learning. However, when it comes to selecting the right app, pricing, convenience, usability, and the number of features are all factors to consider.

In the arena of personalized School Learning Content, Learning Mantraa is India's fastest growing Edtech initiative containing the best educational videos. It is the most cost-effective learning app available for students, covering all NCERT topics.

Learning Mantraa's app uses a basic educational style combined with high-quality animated content to leave a lasting impression on our students.

Learning Mantraa offers 7 Day full access to all the videos.

Additionally, the programme features an exceedingly user-friendly UI. It gives the user quick and easy access to all of the content's themes and subtopics.

Each topic has its own assessment and these assessments are timed MCQs, the learner is encouraged to participate actively in the evaluation. This also aids the student in establishing a baseline of knowledge.

This K-12 is offered in English and Hindi for the first time. The learner has two language options in the Learning Mantraa app. The app is actually relevant in most sections of the country because English and Hindi are the most popular modes of instruction.

Learning Mantraa is conscious of the needs of families, parents, and, of course, the money spent on costly K12 content subscriptions.

The majority of Indian families have two school-aged children. Learning Mantraa offers two-grade subscriptions for the price of one, which is a big help to parents.

NCERT solutions are also available through Learning Mantraa to assist students in their comprehension of the topic.


Download the app and let your kids study with the help of our amazing videos. Learning Mantraa is India’s fastest-growing Elearning For Kids initiative in the field of personalized School Learning Content.

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