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Why are Extracurricular Activities Vital for Kids?

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Parents are becoming more hesitant to take their children to school and to participate in outdoor activities as a result of the changing environment and the risk of the pandemic. So, to enable them to be involved in extracurricular activities we have picked out some of the indoor activities for your kid.

In this growing world, it is very important for kids to do other activities and not only studies. Education is very crucial but parents should give equal attention to the Extracurricular activities of Kids.

Kids may learn many things in the classroom but they can learn a lot more from the outside world.

Extracurricular activities offer a ton of benefits to kids of all ages. Physical activities are very important for kids to learn social and emotional wellbeing.

Focusing only on Academics will not help your kid to succeed, they also require an equal amount of physical and Fun activities which will help them to focus and understand better.

Extracurricular activities provides many benefits for kids:

Opportunity to socialize

Having a social life is very important nowadays, be it for adults or kids. Kids have a strong memory and learning ability in this age, whatever you teach them now, they will adapt to it and will do the same when they grow up.

And Extracurricular activities provide kids a good way to socialise. So, allow your kids to do other activities and let them meet new people and interact with friends.

Break from studies

Being engaged in the same thing can make your kid low and frustrated. School, tuition, homework, self study, these are too much for a Kid. Your kid needs a break from all these activities to recharge themselves.

Extracurricular activities can help them to get a good break from Academics and for acquiring new skills and learning new knowledge. This is also a great way for you to utilize their free time and keep your kids away from television and other electronic devices.

Well-rounded individual

Making your kid involved in different kinds of activities will help him to become a better and well-rounded individual.

Extracurricular activities are a good way for your kid to build confidence, sense of independence, creativity, and ability to collaborate with others with fewer conflicts and behavioral issues.

Better Understanding

Extracurricular activities can be a good way for your kids to refresh their mind. It will make your kid have a better understanding and a good perspective of everything.

Extracurricular activities are also a great way to give your kids a break, as it can help your child to understand better and pay more attention to learning.

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What Are Some Of The Extracurricular Activities Your Child Should Try?

There are many extracurricular activities for your kid which will not only help them to utilize their time, but will also help them to gain some new abilities. But what about corona? You don’t have to worry, your kids don’t have to step out of their house to learn something new, they can stay at home and still develop new skills. Here are some of the indoor activities for them:

  • Drawing and Painting

  • Your kids can learn Dance online

  • You can teach your kids the basics of Cooking

  • They can take online personality development classes

  • They can learn music online

  • They can learn a new Language

  • Chess is the best game to sharp your mind

  • Yoga and Exercises, so kids can be physically fit


It is very important for parents to make their kids engaged in Extracurricular Activities according to their interests. These activities play a vital role in a kids’ life as it will shape them for a better future.

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